Tuesday, January 9, 2018

5 Affordable Kitchen Update Ideas 2018

It is no secret that rustic concept will mostly look good for any kitchen. More on that later.

1. Apply Round Table

This idea is still discussing about maximizing the space in your kitchen. This time you have to deal with your table. You can start using rounded tables to replace the old rectangle table one. Rounded tables will allow you to invite more friends in your kitchen. Save as much as possible space in your kitchen by using this rounded and multifunction table. Place the tables properly so that you can move yourself freely while enjoying your meal in the kitchen. Source

2. Combining Rustic and Stylish Idea

It is no secret that rustic concept will always look good for kitchen. This tip will offer you to combine between rustic and stylish idea. As you will combine a rustic concept, make sure that you have enough wooden materials. For the main thing, place a classic rectangle wooden table in the middle of your kitchen. Prepare enough space for four wooden chairs around the table. To complete the rustic concept, put some flowers in a yellow-colored vase on the center of the table to make the atmosphere cozier. Source

3. Black and White Combination

You can always count on black and white combination when it comes to a decorating idea. If you already have white painted wall, then use the black theme for the rest of your kitchen set. You can start by painting your kitchen cabinets black. To add the dramatic point, you honed black granite for your countertops too. Both cabinets and countertops will make your kitchen look more dramatic. Then hang some dark-colored artworks on your white-painted wall to complete the combination. Source

4. Install Some New Small Shelves

When your cabinets are full of all kitchen stuff, you can always maximize all the unused space. Maximizing the space on your kitchen wall is really necessary. Use any wood or steels as the main materials of your shelves. Cut them into a proper size before you install them to the wall. Make sure that you place each shelf with some distance to provide the space. Then put any kitchen stuff on the added shelves to save more space in your cabinets. Source

5. Add Some Lids Storage

Maximizing space in your kitchen does not always come from the visible areas. You can also use any space from the invisible areas. Put any additional lids storage inside your cabinet. Store the additional lids on your cabinet door to maximize the space inside the cabinets. Make your cabinets more functional by storing these additional lids and put your cookware on it. Source