Monday, September 25, 2017

30 Cheap And Clever Dollar Store Hacks

Many people don’t realize that sometimes they spend much money for small things that actually they can get it for free. 30 tips below inform you about how to make things simpler and functional so you don’t have to spend money to make it more applicable. In the same time, you can save some money for other more important essentials.

1. More Comfortable Crochet Hooks in Pencil Grips

2. Making Waterproof Garlands from Pool Noodles

Making garlands for special holidays like Birthday could be free by using your old pool noodles. Slice the colorful pool noodles into pieces of ½ inch thickness. Line the pieces with string or twine as long as you need. The colorful pool noodle garlands are ready to hang.

3. Arrange your pots tidily by using binder clips and S-hooks.

4. Making a terrarium by using some picture frames.

To make this special terrarium by reusing your old frames, you need eight frames.
  • Remove all of the glasses and backs.
  • Make holes in every top and bottom of the frames to make the place to screw them together. You can cut the frames halfway if they are too large.
  • When you have had 2 L shapes from the frames, arrange them well. Line up a 2 inches mending plate in every frame’s end. Secure with screws after you make the pilot holes.
  • Line up the frames that have been in two sets
  • Trace paper inside the eave
  • Apply some wood filler on the exterior of the terrarium smoothly. Fill all the joints as well as the screw holes. Let it dry.
  • Paint the piece in your favorite color.
  • Reapply the glass of the frame from the bottom up. Apply some hot glue in the every corner.
  • Start to make the mini garden inside by applying your favorite plants. Place in a sunny area so it can grow well.

5. Using Popsicle tray to organize every color or crayons.

This idea will enable you and the kids to find any color easily during coloring time.

6. Creating a modern lamp from manila folders and chopstick or bamboo skewers.

It can become a great idea to make a stylish lighting fixture. The things needed are; manila folders, tissue papers, bamboo skewers, glue, and scissors as well as the pendant lamp kit. The steps to make:
  • Shape the manila folders in large and small pieces of lamp.
  • SGlue the pieces together so you get the shape of open cubes.
  • SMake some holes for the bamboo skewer support grid.
  • SDecoupage the tissue to shape the folders
  • SApply the skewers and glue them with craft glue for strong result.
  • SInstall the pendant lamp kit on the skewer grid.
  • SThe stylish lamp is ready to use.

7. Use your plastic animal to make a bookend.

You can use two plastic animals or cut them in two for more artistic look.

8. Use sponges to make ergonomic things for keyboard.

Cover the sponges with fabric to get better look.

9. Making dry erase boards from picture frames with plain white paper.

10. Make some curtains from canvas drop cloths

11. Create a cool stand for laptop from a couple of wire easel displays, anti-slip foam and rubber bands.

The steps to make it are;
  • Put the wire easels side by side.
  • Attach the anti-slip foam on the stand’s top and bottom.
  • Pick a cooling rack up for cookies for easy and quick solution.

12. Create a DIY grill from cooling racks and lasagna pans by simply assemble them.

You just need to spend $1 for this grill to make juicy steaks.

13. Use shower caps to cover kitchen items in odd shapes.

14. Renew your chandelier by using spray paint.

15. Create more beautiful vases by coloring them with Martha Stewart acrylic paint.

Express your crafty ideas with the high gloss paint and you will get more awesome glass work for the vases.

16. How to Mercury-ize Glassware

The things needed are; glass bowl, glass candlestick, E-6000 glue, Krylon, water or vinegar solution. The steps to make:
  • Glue the glass bowl on the top of the candlestick by using the E-6000 glue.
  • Let it dry in about 24 hours.
  • Apply the spray paint Krylon in light coat to get the glass look.
  • Spray water or vinegar solution immediately.
  • Distress by lightly dab it with a lint-free cloth.
  • Let it dry.

17. DIY phone stand from Dino butts.

You can make it by doing some simple steps below;
  • Cut the butt of a plastic Dino
  • Glue a suction cup on the belly side of the Dino. Let it dry.
  • Then it will become a cute stand or tripod for your phone by stick it on the suction cup.

18. Magnet board from a burner

All you need to prepare are; a burner, fancy cloth or paper to cover, spray paint, glue, ribbon. Steps to make it:
  • Cover a burner with the pretty cloth or paper. Use some glue to stick it. Let it dry.
  • Spray paint the rest of the burner.
  • Apply a ribbon on the top of the burner as the hanger.
  • Your magnet board is ready to use.

19. Modular storage from cups.

Things needed are: small round bolt and nuts, 7 plastic cups or more, drill, marker, scissors, yarn, nail or awl, wire Steps to make it:
  • Arrange the cups so they touch each other.
  • Mark dots where every cup is touching.
  • Drill the dots.
  • Install the round bolt and nuts on the drilled holes so the cups are attached each other.
  • Apply colorful strings to make some art look.
  • Apply a wire on the bottom side of the cups to hang the DIY modular storage.
  • It is ready to store your scarves or any other small things tidily.

20. Making laptop skin from contact paper

It is a great idea to cover your scratched laptop and bring new look to the old laptop. Things needed are; wood grain or other motif contact paper, x-acto knife, tracing paper, scissors. Steps:
  • Measure the size of your laptop and cut the contact paper in the right measurement.
  • Make round corner to the contact paper by using a coin and then cut it too so it fits your laptop well.
  • Apply it on your laptop and you will get the newer look.
  • Contact paper application can also be inside area of the laptop.
  • It must be more comfortable when your crochet hooks are as wide as pencil grips. Make it by wrapping the hook’s bottom with masking tape until it gets a pencil width.
  • Next, slip a couple of pencil grips onto the hook.
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